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The Cultural Association Nel Pozzo del Giardino was born from the wish of some musicians and event planners: to spread every art forms.
Even if the greatest part of our job is dedicated to the Music, the project vision and the offer of this art is totally mixed with other creative languages. This is a culture of the present and it’s impossible to notwithstanding it.
The Association is founded on the certainty that youth has a prominent role in the development and divulgation of culture in Italy; for this reason, we direct our attention to the research and grounding of talented youth in addiction of our activity of event planning.
The activity of the Association Nel Pozzo del Giardino includes:
• event and concert planning in collaboration with important cultural organizations as the Fondazione Teatri di Piacenza;
• management and promotion of the 15Orchestra;
• management of ADADS Accademia Dell’Arte Dello Spettacolo (Academy of Performing Art) by the daily activity (base courses) and the special one (masterclass with important international artists).

In March 2017 "Nel Pozzo del Giardino" obtained the accreditation as

DGR 279 OF 03/13/2017 - CODE ORGANISM 11959

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