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ADADS Accademia Dell’Arte Dello Spettacolo (Academy of Performing Art), was born within the Cultural Association Nel Pozzo del Giardino with the aim of guiding the future artists in the way of the research of their proper dimension.
Youth is the guardian of the artistic heritage that the world countries envy and, as young people, their contribution – that is characterized by a fresh and genuine creativity – is essential.
The academic courses are custom-made but oriented to the serious and professional students’ education.
The ADADS courses are various: Base Courses, Masterclass with famous international artists and Workshops.
Teachers are carefully selected in order to insure students about the high professionalism of our academy and the attention for the custom-made courses.
The best students of the Academy could be engaged by the Cultural Association Nel Pozzo del Giardino in the concerts arranged by the Association itself, in addition to the ordinary performances at the end of the academic year.
ADADS can help its students in obtaining the visa and the permit of stay.

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