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Marco Beretta

Marco Beretta was selected at very young age to participate at the “International Competition for Orchestra Conductor” of Besançon (France) and at the “Franco Ferrara” organized by Opera Theatre of Roma and by RAI (Italian Radio Television).

He has performed with many prestigious artists including Bonaldo Giaiotti, Daniela Dessì, Ambrogio Maestri and many others.

Marco made his debut in Europe and in Korea with the most important titles of International Opera repertory and also directed the mail titles of the symphonic and sacred repertoire.

Marco Beretta has diverse conducting experiences including the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestra of Teatro Regio di Parma, the Seoul Prime Orchestra, the National Hungarian Orchestra of Debrecen, the Pro Arte Marche Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bologna and many others. He has appeared at the prestigious Auditorium of the RAI of Tourin, the Teatro Municipale in Piacenza, the Teatro A. Ponchielli in Cremona, the Teatro L. Pavarotti in Modena, the Seoul Arts Center, Hanjeon Artspool Center, etc...

Being an organist and pianist, Marco has also participated to chamber activities, and in particular he has been a component of the Trio Veneziano with whom he has given concerts in several Italian cities.

As a teacher of musical score he has collaborated with the Accademia Verdiana of M° Carlo Bergonzi and with famous artists such as Flaviano Labò, Piero Campolonghi, Margherita Guglielmi…

Finally he has presented master-class in Seoul on the interpretation of Italian opera.

He is Artistic Director of 15Orchestra Sinfonica di Piacenza.


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