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Citizens of all nationalities can participate in the courses without age limits.
There is the possibility of attending the lessons as auditor students subject to the favorable opinion of the teacher.




Registrations are open all year.


Enrollment in the courses requires sending the following documents via email:


- registration form available on this site on the COURSES page under the chosen course

- copy of the payment of the fixed registration fee;

- detailed curriculum vitae;

- photocopy of passport or identity card;

- a recent photograph.

The tuition fee must be paid in full within the first lesson of the course.

Any payment facilities requested will be evaluated by the Head of the Academy.

The registration fee, including the annual membership fee, will not be returned in any case.

Active students already enrolled in other ADADS courses will not have to pay the registration fee for the current year.

The amount of the membership fee for the years following the first must be paid in any case and will be of lesser value.

The teacher will not be required to retrieve the lessons not taken by the students.

Lessons must be held within a period of one year from the date of registration.
The certificate of registration and attendance of the course will be issued within one month from the date of registration.




At the end of the three-year courses, the ADADS DIPLOMA - ACCADEMIA DELL'ARTE DELL 'SPECTACOLO will be issued following the diploma exam.

Upon the decision of the course teacher, the essays / concerts may have the value of a diploma exam.

At the end of the participation in the Laboratories and the Masterclasses the FREQUENCY CERTIFICATE will be issued


At the end of the course of studies or during the course it will be possible to hold concerts open to the public organized in collaboration with local musical associations.
Students taking part in events organized by the Academy, be they exams or concerts, will not be entitled to any compensation or reimbursement of expenses.

Participation in the concerts/recitals will depend exclusively on the decision of the artistic director of the Academy, maestro Marco Beretta.

International students


Student VISA/ Residence permit

ADADS will issue the documents necessary to obtain the visa for the transfer in Italy and for the residence permit for the students who decide to attend their courses.


Adads offers the possibility of staying with different types of accommodation

Italian language courses

ADADS organizes Italian language courses for foreigners.

The Italian language courses of ADADS are standard, intensive, in small groups or individual and the duration varies from 1 week to 2 years.

At the end of each course the certificate of attendance will be issued.

It is possible to take courses for the accompaniment to obtain the Cils, Celi, Plida certifications.


Secondary activities


ADADS organizes, in collaboration with the Cultural Association Nel Pozzo del Giardino and with the 15 Orchestra, recitals and concerts for singers and instrumentalists.


The Academy, in agreement with the artist, will deal with:

- drafting of the program;

- printing of the program of the hall:

- advertising of the event.


ADADS will provide (on request)

- hall where the concert will take place;

- pianist.



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